Jazzmyne is a discord music bot. Jazzmyne is simple to use but with alot of functionality.

Add Jazzmyne by clicking the like below:
Click to invite
Note: You must have a role with “Administrator” or “Manage Server” permissions to be able to add Jazzmyne to a Discord Server. If you have either of these permissions you should be able to change the name of your server.

To play a song use the following command format:

!play {songname/URL}

Example: !play Fireball

Use the following command to change Jazzmynes prefix:

!setprefix {new prefix}

Example: !setprefix !!

To see Jazzmynes prefix use the following command:

@Jazzmyne#9341 prefix OR <@422088562586943489> prefix

Yes. You can queue playlists to play.

Use the playlist command to play a playlist from YouTube:

!playlist {Playlist name / URL}

Example: !playlist Queen songs playlist

Yes, to change Jazzmynes nickname do:

Right Click on Jazzmyne ➤ Change nickname ➤ Save.


You can see a list of commands by doing !help in discord or by visting:


The default option is to post the current song where it was requested.
This can be changed in the config.

Change it by rebinding Jazzmyne to the new channel with !channelbind and start requesting new songs in there.

!queue [page number]
or if Jazzmyne is allowed to manage messages a new version will be used with pages you can skip with reactions

Example: !queue 2

Short answer: No.

Discord doesn’t allow for users or bots to have a different profile pic or avatar per server.

Short answer: No.

Playing from Spotify is illegal.

However, you can use a Spotify to Youtube playlist converter (http://playlistbuddy.com) instead.

Jazzmyne can play from:

Soundcloud This is currently not available yet. Join the support server for updates

Short answer: No.

To save from lag Jazzmyne will leave empty channels.

Short answer: No.

Jazzmynes code is depends on alot of API and Package requests, opening it up would cause many issues.
Also I do not wish for Jazzmyne to be used as a bot that will be mass/copied as someone elses

If you find that you have encountered an issue with Jazzmyne, please click HERE to go to the Troubleshooting page.

If you find that your question was not answered by the FAQ or troubleshooting page, please join the support server by clicking HERE.